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Video Game Culture

"Gameplay" journeys to the origins of video games, analyses their language and highlights the impact they have had on popular digital culture and on art and society. The exhibition is designed as a space for recreation and reflection where visitors can play and (re)discover video game culture.

Since their popularisation in the seventies and eighties, video games have developed as an expressive and entertainment medium and now occupy a central space in our imaginary to the point that, today, it is impossible to understand contemporary society and culture without relating them with video gaming.

"Gameplay" takes a look at the history of the medium, video game language, experimentation and artistic innovation, and critical and political video games.

The exhibition also raises the issue of the increasing gamification of society: from mobile games to YouTubers and electronic sports (esports) to so-called serious games, educational video games with applications that go beyond entertainment.

"Gameplay" features works by artists such as Mary Flanagan, Joan Leandre, Harun Farocki, Lawrence Lek, LaTurbo Avedon, Mónica Rikić and Blast Theory.

With 28 game points, from the first arcade and historic computer games to the new immersive options, "Gameplay" is devised as an exhibition where visitors can play and, at the same time, understand and enjoy video game culture from a critical viewpoint.

The show pays particular attention to Catalan production, especially pioneering works, recent indie creations and local artists, and university projects.

"Gameplay. Video Game Culture" is an extended adaptation of "Gameplay. The Next Level", designed by and first presented at the ZKM Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe.

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Programme of activities

Photographic report

Previous activities

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Film cycle and visit to the exhibition “Gameplay”

Let’s Play! with Deconstructeam and Outconsumer

Live game session

Transgression and Gothic Convention in Video Games

Visit to “Gameplay” with Lucía Lijtmaer

Who plays? let's play?

Family Video Game Club

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Debate about electronic waste and console repair workshop

The Ages of the Video Game

Visit to "Gameplay" with Adrià Pujol

1, 2, 3, fight: video gaming vs pop culture

Visit to "Gameplay" with Marta Salicrú

"Gameplay" for blind or visually impaired people

Adapted guided tour

Conversation between Pilar Lacasa and Gregorio Luri

Expressions of the Future

"Level Five" by Chris Marker

Film cycle and visit to the “Gameplay” exhibition

Women in Games

The power of women in video games and e-sports

Lecture by Diego Redolar Ripoll

The Playful Brain

Lecture by Aubrey Anable

Playing with Feelings

Lecture by Peter Vorderer

Permanent Connection, Infinite Interaction

Lecture by Cassandra Khaw

The Virtual Body

"eXistenZ" by David Cronenberg

Screening and visit to the exhibition “Gameplay”

Let’s Play! with Conrad Roset and Outconsumer

Live game session

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