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CCCB, Martí E. Berenguer _ @bocabellapro, 2020



«Gameplay» with your family

Create your video game!


How do you imagine your video game? Is it played individually or collectively? Are there any characters? Are there moving pieces? Is it competitive? Is it a space for reflection? Is it a contemplation place?

We propose a family tour to the exhibition «Gameplay. Video Game Culture» where we will build our own video game. Playing a game of options (based Vladimir Propp's game of cards) we will discover all the components of video games: the device we use to play, the implementation of the game and its rules, its interface or appearance, its thematic, the characters that appears on it and the ways of playing that it offers. With this dynamic we will approach the contents of the exhibition. We will discover the origins of video games, analyze their language and value the impact they have had on popular digital culture, arts and society in general.

This activity is part of Gameplay

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