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Online activity


Digital fiction at the libraries

Children's digital fiction laboratory



In the context of the exhibition Gameplay. Video Game Culture and the Game Room Zooom we promote a Laboratory of children's digital fiction, an activity curated by Lucas Ramada Prieto where a group of professionals of 15 municipalities of Xarxa de Biblioteques Municipals will constitute a community of practice with the aim to debate and make proposals on how to include the digital fiction at our regular practices. Definitely, an ideal way of rethink libraries as a cultural ecosystems connected to the reality that surrounds them.

The program includes a series of theoretical and practical sessions to improve the understanding and interpretation of digital literary works, where specific didactic and mediation interventions are designed appropriate to each type of videogame and where a practical guide will be created on how to boost digital fiction works  at public libraries.

The objective of the laboratory is to design specific dynamization proposals in the field of public library that serve as a cultural contact space with the video game. In addition, it is expected to compile the knowledge generated in a collective publication that serves to identify lines of action in the field of digital fiction that contribute the creation of future interventions.

Participants: Lucas Ramada Prieto

This activity is part of Gameplay

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