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Due to the new restrictions decreed by the Generalitat de Catalunya, this activity has been cancelled.


"Aidol" by Lawrence Lek

Screening in the framework of the exhibition "Gameplay"



As part of the end of the eSports Olympics in 2065, Aidol, with its ideas about human intelligence versus artificial intelligence, the power of mega-corporations and the value of creativity, creates a world of computer-generated games. Our avatar is Diva, a superstar who’s been going through a bad patch and hires an artificial intelligence to arrange a comeback during the final.

Aidol, Lawrence Lek, France, 2019, 82’40’’, Original language with Spanish subtitles

As in his previous film, Geomancer (2017), the plot is of secondary importance as it merely provides a trail of ideas to follow. The camera is on Diva in this futurist universe, partly recognisable (jungle, temples, stadium) and partly abstract and alternative. By making Bios battle against Synths in the final, man against machine, the film reflects on the effects of the rise of artificial intelligence but also on typically human idiosyncrasies such as the desire for fame. Lawrence Lek (Frankfurt, 1982) is an artist whose work is related to virtual reality and simulation. Combining real places with fictional scenarios, Lek creates digital worlds that reflect the impact of the virtual on our perception of reality.

Before the screening, there will be a video introduction by Inés Macpherson (philosopher and writer).

This activity is part of Gameplay, Inside the Game

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