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Video Game Culture

"Gameplay" journeys to the origins of video games, analyses their language and highlights the impact they have had on popular digital culture and on art and society. The exhibition has been adapted to guarantee a safe experience.

Alessandro Baricco and Jorge Carrión

Augmented Humanity

In the present situation of health emergency and restrictions on collective life, the Italian novelist and essayist Alessandro Baricco, and the writer Jorge Carrión will speak from their respective confinements about this unprecedented state of affairs and its meaning and consequences at the global level.

Lucía Lijtmaer and Jordi Costa

Personal Genealogy of the Videogame

The writer Lucía Lijtmaer speaks with Jordi Costa, head of exhibitions at the CCCB, about the cultural and social references that have marked their personal relationship with videogames.

Lateral Approaches to Video Games

Adrià Pujol Cruells | Marta Salicrú | Lucía Lijtmaer | María García Vera

We invite an anthropologist, a journalist, a writer, and a performer to share their views of the world of video games.

Shall We Play a Game?

Inés Macpherson

We explore the relationships between science fiction and video games, two narrative forms with a great capacity for imagining new universes.

Minecraft Marathon with Paracetamor, Tonacho and Silithur

Live collective building session

All this time at home has given us a chance to reconsider where and how we want to live. We've challenged Paracetamor, Tonacho and Silithur, three expert Minecraft gamers, to build the house where they would rather be in lockdown. They play live on Minecraft and show us what their ideal lockdown ...

Jordi de Paco (Deconstructeam) and Roc Massaguer (Outconsumer)

Talk and Live Game Session

Jordi de Paco is de creative director of Deconstructeam, an independent video game development studio set up in 2012 in Valencia. It is an example of a very successful indie studio that with limited means and lots of talent has created its own free style, and sees video games as a form of entertainment ...

Mary Flanagan and José Luis de Vicente

New Perspectives on Digital Leisure

In this session, the researcher, artist and games designer, Mary Flanagan, and the curator, writer, and researcher, José Luis de Vicente, speak about how confinement has accelerated the cultural dynamics of the hyperconnected society.

Place Your Bets (Hagan juego)

Soy Cámara online

As an impulse prior to the existence of culture and, therefore, predating even the human, play runs through all aspects of the real, encouraging constant learning but perhaps also preparing us for a future defined in virtuality.

Where games live

Hugo Muñoz Gris | Lucas Ramada Prieto

If play gives us the world and through play we make the world ours, we are offering you a series of videogames and tip to make this possible.

Pilar Lacasa and Gregorio Luri

Expressions of the Future

Pilar Lacasa, Professor of Communications, and Gregorio Luri, educator, speak about the new communities being created by digital leisure, and the challenges they pose for the educational world.

Diego Redolar Ripoll

The Playful Brain

Diego Redolar Ripoll, expert and researcher in cognitive neuroscience,  analyses the neural mechanisms underlying videogames.

Peter Vorderer: Permanent Connection, Infinite Interaction

In the hyperconnected society, there is practically no time for inactivity. Peter Vorderer, professor of Media and Communication Studies and working in the area of the psychology of entertainment, describes how permanent connection has deeply changed ways of communicating and interacting with others...

Cassandra Khaw

The Virtual Body

Videogame scriptwriter and author Cassandra Khaw, one of the most interesting young voices in terror and science fiction literature, reads a story about the capacity for transformation of the virtual body.

Conrad Roset and Outconsumer

Let's Play. Live game session

Conrad Roset, creator of the award-winning indie game Gris, talks to Outconsumer, the journalist and YouTuber specialised in video games. Roset explains the creation process of Gris(Nomada Studio), the video game that has won numerous industry awards, and amazed critics ...

«Gameplay» Audiovisual Report

"Gameplay" journeys to the origins of video games, analyses their language and highlights the impact they have had on popular digital culture and on art and society. The exhibition is designed as a space for recreation and reflection where visitors can play and (re)discover video game culture.

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Playing in the street

Soy Cámara online

The zoning in urban space of play, representing its segregation from the bustle and chaos of the city, destroys the very nature of play and what it has always been: learning to live together and relate with the world.

Lands of Fog

Serious game

This project presents a full-body, interactive mixedreality environment that enables users to come face to face as they explore the virtual environment projected onto the ground. The research related to the project – which began in 2013 and is still in progress – aims to provide ...

Passage to paradise

Transmedia dystopias

In recent years, the pervasive presence of new dystopian and especially postapocalyptic narratives in video games, films, television series, comics and literature (especially for children and teenagers) has coincided with a cocktail of social ills: the global crisis and economic recession, outrage at the retrenchment of the welfare state, the resurgence of the far right and rising concern over the environment and climate change.

Silence… people playing!

Video games and cinema

In the early days of video games there was a lot of talk about how they took their inspiration from films, but more recently the influence of video games has become vital to understanding certain trends in contemporary cinema, such as the narrative and aesthetic style of prominent films and creators ranging from Tom Tykwer, to the Wachowskis, to Christopher Nolan. Direction: Andrés Hispano Editing Postproduction: Toni Curcó

Miguel Sicart: Playing "The Sims" as though you were Kurt Cobain

The spirit of capitalism resonates in many popular video games. In an interesting experiment, when researcher Miguel Sicart tried to play The Sims as Kurt Cobain, the frustrating result revealed the rules of the game as a consumerist/capitalist framework. Adorno’s observation ...

Virtual Perfusionist

Serious game. Beyond entertainment

Without needing to oppose the pleasure of gaming, some video games are created for serious purposes or may have certain sensitive implications and so call for expert advice. Examples of this include educational video games aimed at formal teaching, video games for vocational training and video ...

They’re here! Replay

Gameplay. Videogame Culture

Video games have three technological roots: computer games, coin-op machines (pay-per-play) and consoles.

The World as a Screen: Digital Platonism

Soy Cámara online

The virtual interface of the screen has become a world of increasing autonomy. It is in the online world that we construct our identity, where we project our desire and where we socialise, but it is also the place where we pour out our violence and where, sometimes, we renounce our real selves. ...

Crosroad in contemporary video games

Óliver Pérez Latorre

We explore the dilemmas currently posed by video games, a means of expression and entertainment that have come to hold a central position in our collective imagination.

The Other Side of the Walk

Soy Cámara online

Video games, like the cinema before them, are becoming a documentary source for many people about history as a setting, with all kinds of errors and anachronisms, but with a powerful surround. This episode reflects on the illusion of knowledge generated by these scenographies in video games, ...

Videogames and the spirit of capitalism

Paolo Pedercini

Historically, video games have been criticised for being an escapist medium, for being set in a magic circle that cuts us off from real life. Even so, they are exerting an increasingly powerful influence on the way many people perceive and interpret the world. This impact of video games on ...

R/C an experimental project

Joan Leandre and the poetics of the rules

Every game means something, as the Dutch historian and philosopher Johan Huizinga said, and a game is essentially its rules. Through their rules, video games can convey ideas or encourage gameplay dynamics with a certain symbolism, a form of signification that Ian Bogost (an American academic ...