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For a safe visit

So that you can enjoy your visit with maximum guarantees and safety, here at the CCCB we have taken the following measures, in line with the current health regulations:

  • It is no longer obligatory to wear a face mask. Its use is recommended for people with a positive COVID-19 diagnosis or with compatible symptoms, and vulnerable people who cannot keep a safe physical distance.
  • Social distancing whenever possible and frequent hand hygiene are recommended.
  • We have reinforced the cleaning service in all areas. The facilities will be ventilated and the spaces will be cleaned and disinfected every day, and special attention will be paid to those surfaces most commonly used.

Exhibitions and Activites

  • Visits on Sunday afternoons continue to be free of charge, and it will be necessary to bring your pre-booked ticket acquired online. Choose your visit time, arrive on time and avoid queueing.
  • For discounts and concessions, it is necessary to show your accrediting document together with your ticket.

The CCCB’s spaces