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The Ages of the Video Game

Visit to "Gameplay" with Adrià Pujol

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Adrià Pujol, writer and anthropologist, takes an unexpected look at the exhibition “Gameplay” from the viewpoint of anthropology.

With over half a century of history, the video game has gone through phases that recall the stages of growth of a person. In its beginnings, we find an elementary gameplay comparable to bouncing a ball off the wall, followed by an adolescent phase of exploration and trying out its expressive limits. We are now at a new age of maturity: a more reflective, adult period of full awareness of who it is (or who it has decided to be), about the path travelled, and the place that the video game occupies in society, art and science. The video game has not yet reached old age.

Participants: Adrià Pujol Cruells

This activity is part of Gameplay, Lateral approaches to "Gameplay"

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