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Venue Hire

The CCCB is restricting the hire of its spaces and only accepting requests for academic events, conferences and congresses. For more information, read the FAQ.

The CCCB adapts to cater for your needs, offering you spaces for hosting receptions, congresses, seminars and social events; rooms with adequate capacity for festivals and major presentations.

The Hall, the Auditorium and the Sala Teatre, ideal for concerts, screenings and events involving mass communication. The Lecture Rooms and the Sala Raval, designed for seminars, courses and work sessions. And the Mirador, a privileged space at the heart of Barcelona. Our facilities are modern and well-equipped, and they enjoy cultural prestige on an international level. Options available to you at the CCCB include use of the cafeteria and restaurant service, as well as access to a bookshop that is a reference in the city of Barcelona.


Can private events be organized at the CCCB?

Private events can be organized in the CCCB’s hired venues provided they are compatible with the Centre’s program, and its security and proper functioning can be guaranteed.

What kind of events can be held at the CCCB?

Private events such as academic, institutional and corporate events, meetings, presentations, talks, awards ceremonies, press conferences and commercial film shoots can be held here. Excluded events include any activities that are not in keeping with the CCCB’s cultural profile, such as gala dinners, private exhibitions, trade fairs, markets and political events. Family celebrations such as parties and weddings are also excluded, as is any kind of religious activity.

At what time can the event start/finish?

Events can start at any time of the day and must end before 1:00 a.m.

Is there an exclusive provider arrangement?

There is no exclusive provider arrangement for translation, interpretation, audience service and control, audiovisual technical material, streaming and IT service. All catering services are provided by the CCCB’s bar-restaurant concessionary company, which will present a quote to meet every need and budget.

Can private tours be arranged for people attending an event?

Exclusive private visits can be organized to the exhibitions at the CCCB. Private guided tours for groups can also be arranged without venue hire.


A space for functions

The Mirador

An exclusive space