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Freedom or evil

Until 15 October //

Francisco J. Doblas Reyes: “Limiting the impacts of global warming is in our hands”

Elisenda Pallarés Piquer

The climate scientist and IPCC author says that measures exist to mitigate climate change and transition to fairer societies.

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The paths of artificial intelligence

Mateo Valero, Alfonso Valencia, Karina Gibert and Jordi Torres

Thanks to advances in supercomputing, the development of new algorithms, and the availability of enormous quantities of data, the realm of artificial intelligence (AI) is expanding at an exponential rate. Four experts in the field of artificial intelligence discuss the potentialities of the ...

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The Improper

A setting for encounter, conversation, reading and the imagination that will be open during the exhibition “Sade: Freedom or Evil”.
Tuesday to Sunday, 11.00 - 19.30

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Visits to the exhibition "Sade. Freedom or Evil"

Do not miss our guided visits in Catalan or Spanish to the exhibitions. We also offer authors' visits, tours for groups and tours for people with deafness, blindness or low vision. 

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