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BAM 2021

«La Mercè» music festival at the CCCB

23-25 Septembe


Conversations among ruins

Series of talks addressing the central issues of the exhibition “Science Friction”

18 September — 27 November //

Displacements: The Future of Urban Public Space and Tourism

Greg Richards

Public space is where all citizens, regardless of their income and personal circumstances, can feel both equal and cared for.  

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The Limits of a World in Relation

Ignasi Torrent

A critical reflection on the limits of the conception of an interconnected cosmos in the Anthropocene era.

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CCCB Archive

If you missed an activity, you can watch it at the CCCB Archive space. Lectures by the foremost international thinkers, festivals, concerts and multimedia content from exhibitions.

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Guided visits at the exhibitions

Do not miss our guided visits in Catalan or Spanish to the exhibitions at the same price as general admission.

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