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Science Friction

Living Among Companion Species

12 June — 28 November //

Thinking Like an Octopus

Maria Ptqk

Several artists in the "Science Friction" exhibition tell us about their relationship with scientific knowledge and how they incorporate it into their creative strategies. Their voices, alongside other reference points in the exhibition, open up possible paths on the long journey of interaction between species.

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The sum of all fears

Noel Ceballos

Conspiranoic thinking is a mirror of our collective fears and fuels mistrust in enemies both without and within. 

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Guided visits to the Xcèntric Archive

We offer guided visits free of charge that work as an introduction to experimental cinema as well as a way to discover the Archive's content.
Nest visits: 20, 23 and 27 October

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ALIA. Cities and Health

We announce the call to participate in ALIA, the CCCB’s programme for secondary school and baccalaureate students. This edition proposes a series of challenges to imagine the future of our cities and rethink their link to human and planetary health.
Open call: 20 September — 25 October


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