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Courses and workshops

La comiquera

A comic-book creation space for all ages

Until 30 April

Maggie O'Farrell

The writer Maggie O'Farrell, the author of the award-winning Hamnet and one of the undisputed voices of Anglo-Saxon literature, talks to the journalist Anna Guitart on the occasion of the publication of her latest novel The Marriage Portrait.

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Cristina Rivera Garza: “To write is to create empty space”

Lolita Bosch

We talk to Mexican author Cristina Rivera Garza, one of the most important voices in Latin American literature today.

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Guided tours to the exhibition "Graphic Constellation"

Do not miss our 15-minute presentation in Catalan or Spanish to the exhibition. Free admission if you buy a general admission ticket. We also offer adapted visits for people with deafness, blindness or low vision, and a game of clues to play with the family.

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Xcèntric Archive

The CCCB’s archive of experimental film. A meeting point for the viewing and interpretation of essential films, with over 1,000 titles from prominent creators.

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