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A (Video)Game Room for All Ages



Zooom is a game room, a shared room, a space that focuses on enjoyment and the experience, a place to experiment and come up with other ways of playing: perhaps solo, but above all in company.

Zooom is a playable space with the focus on the act of playing. The curators of Zooom, Lucas Ramada Prieto and Hugo Muñoz Gris, have selected as many as 20 video games with the aim of representing different ways of experiencing the world of the video game.

As the social beings that we are, sometimes it’s more interesting and complex to play in company than alone, though we don’t often have the time or space to do it. That’s why we’ve opened a collective video game room with free admission in the centre of the city. The ideal way to complement and enhance a visit to the exhibition Gameplay. Video Game Culture.

Zooom is also a space for intergenerational play, open to “kids” of all ages that makes good the maxim that quality culture for children is quality culture for everyone. Want to play?

How does it work?

Zooom is designed as a room to enjoy on your own or in a group. It is laid out in seven corners specially designed to allow you to play in a safe, comfortable, fun environment. Admission is free and entry is organised in groups of 36 persons. Maximum duration of time in the room is 45 minutes. You can repeat the Zooom experience whenever you like by joining the queue.

A space to experiment and have fun

Zooom sets aside more general gameplay proposals to offer a selection of 20 independent video games that take us on a tour of different recreational experiences, from the competition of the carnival and necessary cooperation to other less obvious ones like contemplation or reflection through gaming. These 20 big little games will upset and challenge some of our expectations and perceptions of video games, and demonstrate their extraordinary expressive and creative possibilities.

Directors: Lucas Ramada Prieto, Hugo Muñoz Gris

This activity is part of Gameplay, Gameday

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