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Amélie Nothomb and Sergi Pàmies

The thirst for writing

Amélie Nothomb talks with the writer Sergi Pàmies, who has translated all of her books into Spanish, about her graphomania - she writes at least four hours a day - and about the origin of her stories, which have made her one of the great authors of French literature.

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The Mask: Being Another

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New Vectors from Xenofeminism

Laboria Cuboniks

A defence of reasoning, which allows feminism to work at different scales of complexity. 

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Bobby Gillespie

A kid from the tenements

Bobby Gillespie (Glasgow, 1961) is the lead singer, songwriter and founding member of Primal Scream, and one of the few sixty-one-year-old men who can wear leather pants with enviable poise and dignity. He has released eleven albums with his band, including Screamadelica (1991), ...

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Mental Health

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