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War and Authoritarianisms

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Mia Couto, José Eduardo Agualusa and Tania Adam

Translators of Dreams

Although they were born half a continent apart, the Mozambican Mia Couto and the Angolan José Eduardo Agualusa are good friends as well as being two of the most respected figures of African literature. They are united by a linguistic homeland—Portuguese—and a similar conception ...

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Africa as a Story

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William Kentridge: “There are fault lines that come from the colonial period throughout the world”

Gemma Parellada

South African artist William Kentridge does not trust those who blindly embrace their own certainties without considering doubts and paradoxes. Ambiguity and contradictions are at the heart of his work, which has grown and transformed to the beat of multifaceted South Africa. We ...

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Francesc Tosquelles

Like a Sewing Machine in a Wheat Field

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Naomi Uman. «Unnamed Film» and «Kalendar» per Marga Almirall

Films available until May 31

The filmmaker Marga Almirall presents Unnamed Film and Kalendar, two films made by the US artist, Naomi Uman, on her arrival in Ukraine, where she lived for ten years.

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