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Reflex Actions. Generative IA Tools and the Archive


When we train an AI with the dataset created from an archive, new questions and ways to analyse its content emerge.

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Lectures for secondary students

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Javier Zamora and Eileen Truax

Memories of an impossible journey

Javier Zamora, who is part of a generation of writers who have migrated to the United States and are blazing new trails in Latin American literature, talks to journalist Eileen Truax, who specializes in migration and politics, about his own experience of migration and how it is a reality that today affects thousands of children around the world.

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AI: Artificial Intelligence

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Science and creation for secondary schools

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Documentary about the educational project "Playtime, everyone outside!"

Throughout the 2022–2023 school year, 175 children and young people from the Raval district in Barcelona took part in an educational and community initiative to reconsider the play spaces in their neighbourhood. This documentary, created by filmmaker Raimon Fransoy, follows the research ...

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