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Memefest 2021

A celebration of digital folklore and humour on the Internet

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Elizabeth Hénaff and Núria Conde

The Urban Microbiome

Humans are not just a handful of genes; we are also the result of coexisting with the microorganisms around us. Studying them offers new challenges for scientific research and for how we design and think about cities. The biologists Elizabeth Hénaff and Núria Conde, who are experts in the complexity of the interactions between living systems, present us with a new way of looking at cities and their constituent parts.

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Photojournalism Doesn’t Change the World but Reveals It

Pablo Tosco, Samuel Aranda and Lali Cambra

The years go by and the debate about what photojournalism should be is still being discussed. The photojournalists Samuel Aranda and Pablo Tosco, both with wide experience in the profession, offer the occasion to reflect on the need for a fresh look at photojournalism and its ability to have any real influence in a world bombarded by images.

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Tales of nature and creation

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