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"Eunoe", Marina Warner and Alba Cros Pellisé

A Vocabulary for the Future

Kindness is in short supply, though the pandemic is inspiring more of it than we imagined possible. But generally the strain of wars, climate change, hostile acts of governments and authorities at home and beyond, border walls and other exclusionary measures have made the world a very unkind place.

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Hervé Le Tellier and Pablo Martín Sánchez

Parallel Universes

Speculation is the departure point for many great stories. Ever since the Iliad, starting from a hypothetical “and if…” and exploring parallel universes, possible futures, and uchronian pasts, have allowed us to test the contradictions of our world.

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Science Fiction and Fantasy

Experimental mythologies of the 21st century

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Comic and Graphic Novel

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Laida Lertxundi. «Footnotes to a House of Love» by Carlos Balbuena

Film available until June 30 (only in Spain)

Carlos Balbuena, director and film critic, presents Footnotes to a House of Love by Laida Lertxundi. Renouncing a conventional narrative and working on the idea of love as a structural element, the filmmaker composes a series of shots in a California desert landscape in which there is a play between on frame and off frame, sound and image.

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Aya Zuidi and Youssef Amelal / Blanca Llum Vidal and Mohamad Bitari


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