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Verónica Gerber Bicecci, Giovanna Rivero, Fernanda Trías, and Jorge Carrión

Future America

What future horizons are being drawn by Latin American literature today? What is it like, this most recent speculative fiction from the other shores of the Atlantic? What interventions does it propose in the domains of realism, experimental literature, and contemporary art? With very different origins and biographies, the writers Verónica Gerber Bicecci, Fernanda Trías, and Giovanna Rivero speak, in this conversation with the writer Jorge Carrión, about their work and that of other contemporary writers of the continent.

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Journey to Mars

Logbooks. A collective creation project

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"Home", Albert Badia and Patricia Tamayo

A Vocabulary for the Future

What is a home? What offers us shelter and contains us? For anyone who has had to move, who has been forced to flee, to cross borders and leave their lives behind, what protects them from the elements? Home may not be a physical place, a big house and a garden full of flowers, but words, actions, thoughts.

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Laida Lertxundi. «Footnotes to a House of Love» by Carlos Balbuena

Film available until June 30 (only in Spain)

Carlos Balbuena, director and film critic, presents Footnotes to a House of Love by Laida Lertxundi. Renouncing a conventional narrative and working on the idea of love as a structural element, the filmmaker composes a series of shots in a California desert landscape in which there is a play between on frame and off frame, sound and image.

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