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China of the Present, the World of the Future

Javier Borràs, Irene Masdeu Torruella, Xavier Ortells and Maialen Marín

The journalist Javier Borràs and the researchers Irene Masdeu and Xavier Ortells speak about China’s evolution in recent years, its present, and the future we share with it.

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Isaac Rosa and Gemma Barricarte

The Future is Ours

The writer Isaac Rosa and the architect and activist Gemma Barricarte talk about the novel Lugar seguro to explore narratives that contribute to build future horizons.

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Ludmila Ulitskaya and Vladimir Sorokin

History, novel, print

The history of Russia is also the history of a desire to remain at the center of the universal story. The successive vicissitudes of this will —the Russian Empire, the Soviet Union, post-communist Russia— affect and are inscribed in the lives and literary works. Ulitskaya and Sorokin, ...

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Science Fiction and Fantasy

Experimental mythologies of the 21st century

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Beyond comic strips

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