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Defending Limits Is Not Malthusian

Giorgos Kallis

Self-limitation is not about constraining, but about defining collectively as societies our limits.

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Lectures for secondary students

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M. E. O'Brien and Christo Casas

Beyond the nuclear family

The gender theorist M. E. O’Brien, author of Family Abolition (Pluto Press, 2023), speaks with the anthropologist and journalist Christo Casas about the need to try new ways of communizing care.

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House, Backyard, Car

On the Sidewalks of Suburbia

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Philipp Engel: “The suburban landscape is so iconic that it sparks a fascination from which we cannot break free”

Inside the exhibition "Suburbia"

The curator of the exhibition Philipp Engel examines the origin and vast expansion of residential neighbourhoods in the United States, an urban model centred on constructing large swathes of single-family homes on the outskirts of cities. Engel reflects on the allure that suburban landscapes ...

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The Shadow of "1984"

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A three-voice story based on the words of Donna Haraway