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"Ai, ai, ai (Cicatriu)"

A song by Lluís Cabot and Clara Viñals

This song is from the “Scars” digital publication and playlist created by Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona (CCCB) in May 2021 for the final year of the Primera Persona festival. Check out the publication here.

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Kosmopolis 2021

The Literature That’s Coming

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Tentacular brains, the sadness of a ficus and the limits of anthropocentrism

Jose Valenzuela Ruiz

How can we understand the idea of intelligence in a plant or an octopus by means of our human consciousness?

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Mission Curiosity: If planets could speak to each other, Earth would tell Mars not to accept humans.

Response from Andrea Butturini

Human beings have caused climate change, and after destroying Earth, are looking for a chance of survival on Mars. But our host planet should be saying to Mars: Humans are not a very recommendable people! Primary school children that have visited the ‘Mars: The Red Mirror’ exhibition have left a lot of questions and comments.

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