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Marie Cosnay and Emili Manzano

Writing Hospitality

Writer Marie Cosnay, one of the most committed literary voices to the migrant community in France, speaks with journalist Emili Manzano about the duty to receive those seeking refuge.

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Xcèntric 2022

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A roundup of everything

El Mundo Today

The leading news outlet in Europe, El Mundo Today, sums up all existing culture. You won’t need to learn anything new ever again: all the knowledge accumulated by humanity, from prehistoric times to the present day, will be summarised in this barely 25-minute talk. Whoever attends this ...

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Postcard City

Martín Garber Salzberg

Tourism is a huge source of income for Barcelona, and for some of its citizens, who have no qualms about attracting more and more tourists without a thought for the serious consequences this entails.  

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