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A museum “in-between”

Susana Arias

Notes for a mediation programme which places the emphasis on openness and listening, participation, the creation of networks and proximity.

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Virginie Despentes, Alana S. Portero and Berta Gómez Santo Tomás

Despite everything

Two of the most vigorous representatives of contemporary feminism, the writers Virginie Despentes and Alana S. Portero talk with journalist Berta Gómez Santo Tomás about love, identity, the culture of cancellation and how to move forward despite everything.

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Meditations on fury

IX Marçalianes 2023

From the text Meditacions sobre la fúria, different writers and artists celebrate the legacy of Maria-Mercè Marçal in an event dedicated to explore the influence of fury in the work and thought of the writer.

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AI: Artificial Intelligence

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Kosmopolis 2023

The Amplified Literature Fest

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