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Ludmila Ultiskaya and Vladimir Sorokin

History, novel, print

The history of Russia is also the history of a desire to remain at the center of the universal story. The successive vicissitudes of this will —the Russian Empire, the Soviet Union, post-communist Russia— affect and are inscribed in the lives and literary works. Ulitskaya and Sorokin, ...

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The Future of the European City

Lecture by Paola Viganò

The pandemic and the heatwave that has hit Europe in recent months has shaken the foundations of life in cities. With origins as places of exchange and the primordial political loci of modernity, cities have now become hostile spaces that must be rethought bearing in mind new challenges. Paola ...

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Graphic Constellation

Young Women Authors of Avant-garde Comics

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My name is Universe

Eugènia Balcells, Jordi Balló, Toni Pou, Maria Muñoz and Eulàlia Bosch

Conversation about the book El meu nom és Univers, inspired by the work Homenatge als elements de Balcells, and about how art is able to transcend disciplines and make visible the great questions that concern us as humans.

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