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"Gameplay" for blind or visually impaired people

Adapted guided tour


We offer you to visit the exhibition "Gameplay. Video game culture" adapted to tactile, sound experiences and with the accompaniment of a person who will explain and comment on the exhibition.

The exhibition proposes to (re)discover and to (re)play the video game culture through five areas that reflect on the history of the medium, the languages of videogames, the artistic and experimental possibilities of videogames, speeches and critical content and politicians, and the so-called gamification that has transformed our everyday life.

«Gameplay. Video game culture» offers a play experience in the room, which has 28 playable devices, one of which is fully accessible to blind people. "A Blind Legend" (Dowino, Plug In Digital, 2016) is a pioneering project in the development of digital adventure games based solely on sound, where the player can live the adventures of the knight Edward Blake, guided by his Louise, in a binaural sound experience that recreates 3D landscape sounds.

Available Resources for individual visits:
- Accessible documents in Braile (Located the exhibition entrance)
- Accessible documents in macrocaracters (Located in the exhibition entrance)
- Room texts in pdf (Available at the ticket offices)

Free access to the building with guide dogs

This activity is part of Gameplay

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