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The Amplified Literature Fest

Kosmopolis. The Amplified Literature Fest is a biennial literary event, born in 2002 and held at the Centre of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona.

It is a feast-laboratory where Literature is the main focus of attention. A meeting to celebrate a universalistic discourse, a feast to emancipate readers, to stimulate the canon’s mutation, to shake genres, to sail in languages and to revise myths, traditions and identities.

In a context where the written word, the oral word and the electronic word reflect the tremors of a globalized world, a prospect of mutating genres, categories, formats and storage systems is emerging. Kosmopolis condenses and amplifies this process, placing literature in the centre of the scene and interacting with the Arts and Sciences.

Kosmopolis is a date with art and freedom inspired in an old consciousness: we are citizens of the cosmos, citizens of the universe.

Being cosmopolitan does not mean being indifferent to one country, and being sensitive, to others. It means the generous ambition of being sensitive to all countries and all ages, the desire for eternity, the desire for having been many.

Jorge Luis Borges

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