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Kosmopolis 2023

The Amplified Literature Fest


Kosmopolis is back! The 2023 edition of the amplified literature fest lends an ear to the voices of the oceans, addresses issues of freedom of expression, and takes us deeper into Morocco’s creative scenes.

We were ocean. We are water. Water that feels, vibrates, remembers, creates, sings, and writes. Oceanic literature is one of the great riches of our shared imagination, a deep record of what the seas have taught us. A vast story that makes its way through storms, dreams, and conquests until the discovery of what shocks and amazes us, oceanic literature embraces all genres. The twelfth Kosmopolis festival will transport us from ancient odysseys to the challenges posed by the Anthropocene, all the while recovering our origins so we can glimpse our future.

In Kosmopolis 2023, literature will listen to the oceans and will become a ship for discovering uncharted territories. Closer to home, we shall cross the Mediterranean to visit Morocco, a space for artistic convergences and brave voices that set the word free. We shall sail through shared imaginaries and welcome the cry of anyone who writes freedom and fearlessly dares to speak and think the world. We shall explore marine mythologies and play with non-human intelligences. Five high-intensity days with dialogues, talks, recitals, performances, installations, concerts, and workshops. A festival where literature is amplified.

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