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Fernando Abilleira, Jacinto Antón, Lara Saiz

Martian Time-Slip - talk


The information we have started to receive from NASA’s rover Curiosity (and not forgetting what we already knew from 35 years of Solar System exploration by the Voyager spaceships) has enabled us to organise this session involving scientists, artists and writers. It proposes a contrast between the real Mars and the imagined Mars that has fuelled such creativity in literature, film, music and comics. The session’s title is taken from a novel by Philip K. Dick published in 1964. As precedents, we find the Mars of Edgar Rice Burroughs – an adventure field – or the Mars of Ray Bradbury, a parallel of the Pristine America. Participants include journalist Jacinto Antón and scientists Lara Saiz and Fernando Abilleira (on a videoconference from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory at the NASA).


Moderators: Jacinto Antón

Participants: Fernando Abilleira, Lara Saiz

This activity is part of Kosmopolis 2013, Kosmopolis

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