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Start-ups and Consolidated Publishers. A Necessary Collaboration

Santos Palazzi (Planeta), Blanca Rosa (Roca Editorial), Rosa Sala (Seebook) and Jordi Ingerto (Book Movies). Moderator: Javier Celaya (Dosdoce)



At a time of major technological changes with across-the-board effects on the publishing sector, the relation between large and medium-sized companies and start-ups has to be as productive as possible. In this session, representatives of consolidated publishing companies and new entrepreneurs share their views about the ideal scenario for collaboration, what has worked so far and what could be done better, with the aim of identifying their needs and promoting a productive two-way relationship.

Moderators: Javier Celaya

Participants: Santos Palazzi, Blanca Rosa, Rosa Sala Rose, Jordi Ingerto

This activity is part of Kosmopolis 2015, Kosmopolis

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