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The Dilemmas of Self-publishing. To Publish or To Be Published?

Benjamín Recacha, Daniel Jerez Torns, Julián Bueno Ardila (Llibres a mida), Carles Pujol (Editorial Alrevés). Moderator: Mariana Eguaras (Mariana Eguaras Consultoría Editorial)



The boom in self-publishing tools and online platforms has led many writers to dispense with the traditional publishing circuit. Some of the arguments put forward by writers are the low economic rights that publishers offer them, the lack of control over their work and the time they are obliged to spend on promotion. For self-editors, the big challenge is still distribution and sale of the printed book. This framework calls for a reconsideration of the figure and the work of the editor, alongside the appearance of mixed publishing alternatives such as crowdfunding. The worlds of traditional and self- publishing are starting to overlap and coincide in the same scenarios. How will they get along?

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