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Paolo Giordano and Llucia Ramis

Family Microcosms


Is it true that all happy families are alike, as Tolstoy said? The family circle, many years after the publication of the great Russian novels, continues to capture writers’ attention. Crucial dramas are played out at the heart of the contemporary family. How are we to live in these new familiar areas marked by the rapid disappearance of the old codes? In his latest novel, Paolo Giordano looks at just how fragile family units are. Born in Turin in 1982, this graduate in Theoretical Physics became a publishing phenomenon when, at the age of just 26, he published The Solitude of Prime Numbers, winner of, among other awards, the Premio Strega. In Todo lo que una tarde murió con las bicicletas, Llucia Ramis, winner of the 2010 Josep Pla Prize, wrote a biographical portrait of her family. At KI5, the two writers dialogue about the boundaries between privacy and literature, set against a backdrop of the family in times of change.

Participants: Paolo Giordano, Llucia Ramis

This activity is part of Kosmopolis 2015, Kosmopolis

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