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Kosmopolis Radio

Radio programme and concert

Audiovisuals + Music


Come and enjoy Ràdio Kosmopolis live at the CCCB, a programme that we will be broadcasting live from the Sala Mirador which will be transformed for the occasion into a cafè-bar and will present, as the closing event, a concert by Sandra Sangiao and Clara Peya. 


You can follow the broadcasting from CCCB or listen to Radio K through Kosmopolis website or ScannerFM.

Journalist and radio presenter Bruno Sokolowicz leads this programme which will feature, among other guests, Laura Huerga (publisher - Raig Verd ), Alejo Cuervo (publisher and bookseller - Gigamesh), Sol Solà (Greenpeace Spain), Clara Peya (composer and pianist) and Sandra Sangiao (singer – BGKO Barcelona Gipsy Klezmer Orchestra).  

Ràdio Kosmopolis is a radiophonic experiment that, in collaboration with ScannerFM, aims to explore new paths in narrative and the work while making creative use of audiovisual recordings from the CCCB Archive.

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