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Citizenfour [Pre-premiere]

Laura Poitras


United States – Germany, 2014, 114’, Spanish subtitles

Guanyadora dels premis Oscar i BAFTA 2015 a la millor pel·lícula documental.

In January 2013, Laura Poitras started to receive encrypted emails whose sender was “CITIZENFOUR”, who assured that he had proof of the illegal surveillance programmes directed by the NSA in collaboration with other intelligence agencies. Five months later, Poitras travelled to Hong Kong, together with journalists Glenn Greenwald and Ewen MacAskill, for the first of the many meetings she would have with her mysterious informer. Poitras attended these meetings accompanied by a camera to record everything that happened. When all that classified information comes to light and the scandal breaks they will have to tackle the media and maintain their safety and that of their families who are now in danger.

This activity is part of Kosmopolis 2015, Kosmopolis

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