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Talks for secondary students

This programme of talks aims to prepare secondary school students aged between fifteen and seventeen to take part in debates about today’s world.

Since 2010, the CCCB has offered a programme of talks specifically designed for secondary school students in order to acquaint them with the great present-day debates and give them the opportunity to discuss these issues with leading figures of contemporary culture. From the challenges and problems of today’s world, through to the key questions of philosophy, these sessions seek to stimulate discussion and exchanges of ideas among young people, thus enlarging their frames of reference and encouraging critical thought. By including this cycle of talks in its educational programme the CCCB has created a space where young people can come together with eminent cultural personalities in the conviction that learning occurs both inside and outside the classroom.


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A morning with Cas Mudde

Battling the extreme right

The dangers of immigration, hate towards feminist movements and gender and sexual diversity, or scepticism towards democracy, are just some of the toxic messages the extrem right propagates. Political scientist Cas Muddle dissects the present-day rise of right-wing extremist movements, offering ...

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A morning with Fatima Bhutto

New global pop

Korean K-pop group BTS is all the rage, Turkish soap operas, or dizi, triumph on TV, and Bollywood movies move masses—what is going on in new global pop? Pakistan-born writer Fatima Bhutto draws us into domains that are slowly but surely finding their way onto our screens and into social media, displacing the centralism of popular culture of a strictly Western origin.

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Previous activities

A morning with Cas Mudde

Battling the Extreme Right

A morning with Fatima Bhutto

New Global Pop

A morning with Yásnaya Elena Aguilar Gil

Other Languages, Other Knowledge

A morning with Lia Rodrigues

The Transformational Power of Art

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A morning with Cristina Rivera Garza

Intimate Violences

A morning with Juan Arnau

Imagination Has History

A morning with Anna Starobinets

The Power of Imagination

A morning with Isaac Rosa

Other Possible Futures

A morning with Marta Peirano

Citizen Resistance and Climate Change

A morning with Miquel del Pozo

A journey through myth

A morning with David Bueno

The untidy brain

A morning with Jordi Camí

The illusionist brain

A morning with Carolin Emcke

A right has never been won forever

A morning with Marina Garcés

The time of promises

A morning with Maggie Nelson

The practice of freedom

A Moring with Burhan Sönmez

Freedom of expression and the role of literature

A Morning with Alec MacGillis

Living in the shadow of Amazon

A morning with Judith Schalansky

Inventory of the Imagination

A morning with Gerard Talavera

Learning from Butterflies

From reality to the stage

Meeting of high school students with the documentary theater company La Conquesta del Pol Sud

A Morning with Lia Rodrigues

Shake up the world through art

A morning with Alessandro Baricco

The world as a video game

A Morning with Nalini Malani

Art to Break Silence

A morning with Yayo Herrero

Rethinking our relationship with the planet

A morning with Patrick Boucheron

How is History made?

A morning with Nadia Ghulam

Being a Refugee: Surviving in Adversity

A morning with Marta Segarra

What does it mean to be a feminist today?

A morning with Kate Clanchy

Why do we need poetry?

A morning with Cesc Gelabert

A morning with Åsa Wikforss

Knowledge Resistance

A Morning with Sonia Fernández-Vidal

Quantum physics: reality or fiction?

A morning with Mara Dierssen

A morning with Helena Maleno

Such Emotion! What Emotion?

An approximation to the emotions from art and philosophy with Georges Didi-Huberman and Jordi Nomen

A Morning with Sabri Louatah

A Morning with Marcus du Sautoy

A Morning with Marina Tabassum

A Morning with Rita Segato

A morning with Judith Butler

Lecture and discussion with Miquel Missé

Conversation with Gaël Faye

The French-Burundian rapper and novelist talks with the journalist Xavier Aldekoa