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Biennial of Thought

A Morning with Marcus du Sautoy

Debate + Education

In this session with secondary school students, the mathematician and science educator Marcus du Sautoy will reveal some of the mathematical mysteries hiding behind the most ordinary everyday situations.

Encouraging pleasure in and enthusiasm for science is a project shared by many teachers. For Marcus du Sautoy, this has become his main academic concern. Passionate and motivational, he is an essential figure in offering access to the language of maths and science to very wide-ranging audiences. This work has made him internationally renowned in the field.

Du Sautoy is presently Simonyi Professor for the Public Understanding of Science at the University of Oxford. He is a regular columnist for The Times and The Guardian and also appears in several television programmes concerned with scientific popularising. For some time he was presenter of the BBC’s famous science programme “Mind Games”, and was also presenter of the mathematics-based documentary The Code. He has written many books, notable amongst which are The Music of the Primes (in Spanish, La música de los números primos, Acantilado, 2010), What We Cannot Know (in Spanish, Lo que no podemos saber, Acantilado, 2018). His lecture at the CCCB will be based on this latter essay.

Prior registration is required for this event which is addressed to secondary school students.

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