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Talks for secondary students

A Morning with Nalini Malani

Art to Break Silence


One of India’s leading contemporary artists, Nalini Malani, whose artistic career is notable for her feminist thought and condemnation of violence, will speak about how it is possible to make today’s injustices known through art.

With a personal iconography imbibing from ancient universal mythology, her works invoke vulnerability and the precariousness of human existence. Social, feminist, and ecological justice reside at the heart of her interdisciplinary artistic work, combining drawing, painting, video, immersive installations, and theatre, a variety of fields from which she has been able to carry out research and communicate her deeply political oeuvre denouncing injustices and its effects on society.

Malani’s work has been exhibited in international museums, among them MoMA, the Tate Gallery, and the Centre Pompidou. In 2019 she was awarded the prestigious Joan Miró Prize for her long commitment to silenced and dispossessed people everywhere, especially women.

In this session with secondary school students, Nalini Malani will speak with Martina Millà, curator of the exhibition You Don’t Hear Me which will be shown at the Joan Miró Foundation from 20 March 2020. The exhibition brings together the various themes and formats the artist has explored in the last fifty years of her artistic career.

Presenters: Martina Millà

Participants: Nalini Malani

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