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Talks for secondary students

A morning with Cristina Romera Castillo

Oceans of Life


Free with pre-booking

The oceanographer Cristina Romera emphasises the crucial role of oceans in ensuring the health of the planet and all the species that inhabit it.

Oceans are complex and necessary systems, not only for the species that live in them but for the planet as a whole. Their influence in the carbon cycle, which is the basis of life on earth, and in regulating the climate is essential. Human-produced plastics are among the main pollutants of seas. The scientist Cristina Romera is studying their effects and opening up new areas of research into the use of bacteria that could speed up the biodegradability of these waste products. In a situation of feelings of impotence and catastrophic scenarios presented by climate change, Romera is contributing possible strategies for protecting the ocean and, in doing so, other ecosystems and species as well.

The session has a pedagogical dossier (in Catalan) so that the students can work on the contents beforehand in the classroom and thus make the most out of the lecture.

Moderators: Miquel Missé

Participants: Cristina Romera Castillo

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