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Talks for secondary students

A morning with Anna Starobinets

The Power of Imagination


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It has often been argued that fantasy and imagination are merely ways to avoid reality and escape from our surroundings, allowing us to take refuge in a world that does not exist. But what if just the opposite were true? What if fantasy were a tool to enable us to probe reality, allowing us to explore our immediate environment with finely sharpened precision? What if fantasy, rather than being an escape mechanism, were able to give us a critical perspective, a new way of looking at what we already know?

Russian writer and journalist Anna Starobinets knows much about the power of the imagination. As a leading author of fantasy fiction, her novels address reality with a large dose of fantasy, exploring the genres of horror or science fiction. Her stories have a foundation in everyday life, though quickly move into a combination of reality and fantasy as they seek to explain what is both imaginable and unimaginable around us.

Moderators: Olga Jornet

Participants: Anna Starobinets

This activity is part of Talks for secondary students

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