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Talks for secondary students

A morning with Isaac Rosa

Other Possible Futures


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Narratives that foresee the end of the world have engaged the collective imagination to such a great degree that nowadays it might seem difficult, and perhaps even irrational and naïve, to conceive of the possibility of a prosperous future.

There is no question that we are living in a critical moment, affected as it is by the energy crisis, climate emergency, the rise of the far right and a dramatic increase in inequality; it is equally true, in turn, that discourses that only serve to fan desperation and fear impede us from imagining or building alternatives to a future whose time is running out. Who is most benefited by these narratives feeding fear and insecurity? How might we create alternative narratives characterised by hopeful outcomes? What stories may be found partway between utopia and dystopia?

The writer Isaac Rosa and the architect and activist Gemma Barricarte will speak on narratives of collapse and the possibility of clearing the way for imagining other possible futures.

Moderators: Gemma Barricarte

Participants: Isaac Rosa

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Talks for secondary students

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