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Talks for secondary students

A morning with Cristina Rivera Garza

Intimate Violences


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Cristina Rivera Garza denounces the scourge of gender-based violence and feminicide, drawing from her personal experience.

Liliana Rivera Garza was twenty years old when she was assassinated by her partner. Thirty years later, her sister, the writer Cristina Rivera Garza, delved into her letters and personal notes to revive her voice through writing, in the book El invencible verano de Liliana [Liliana’s Invincible Summer] (Literatura Random House, 2021). As with so many other women, Liliana never found the words to denounce the aggression she was suffering within the vulnerable bond of an intimate relationship. In conversation with Lolita Bosch, Rivera Garza speaks of the need to eliminate gender-based violence from our relationships and our bodies, as we learn to identify them in the most inoffensive words and gestures.

Moderators: Lolita Bosch

Participants: Cristina Rivera Garza

This activity is part of Talks for secondary students

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A morning with Cristina Rivera Garza

Intimate Violences

Chat with Cristina Rivera Garza based on her book El invencible verano de Liliana, where she denounces the cycle of gender violence and femicides based on her personal experience.

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