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Talks for secondary students

A morning with Gaston Core and Mònica Miró

The Power of Poetry: From the Iliad to Rap


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The choreographer and performer Gaston Core and the expert in classical culture Mònica Miró will ponder the power of the word in the piece “Before Nightfall”, which offers a re-reading of the Iliad from a contemporary point of view.

What is the power of a word, a verse, or a poem? In his most recent project Gaston Core and three performers explore this question with an updated version of the Iliad, one of the key poetic works of the classical period, with a fully contemporary form of poetic expression, namely rap. Clearly showing the distance separating us from Homer’s heroes, the present verses reflect maladies like the loneliness of individuals today, the need to belong, and the pressures to become an improved version of oneself. How can rap, like other artistic languages, convey this message, bring the word to others, awaken them, and make an impression on them?

The session has a pedagogical dossier (in Catalan) so that the students can work on the contents beforehand in the classroom and thus make the most out of the lecture.

A fragment of the piece Before nightfall will be performed during the session, programmed in the framework of the Kosmopolis festival.

Moderators: Miquel Missé

Participants: Gaston Core, Mònica Miró Vinaixa

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