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Lectures for secondary students

A morning with Nadia Ghulam


In this session with secondary school students, Nadia Ghulam, an Afghan refugee, writer, and activist now residing in Barcelona, will talk about her own life story and her experiences when speaking about it with others.

Nadia Ghulam was born in Kabul (Afghanistan) in 1986. When she was eight years old she was seriously injured in a bombing attack during the civil war that followed the withdrawal of Soviet combatant forces. Once the Taliban regime was established, she had to pass as a boy in order to be able to work and maintain her family, despite her considerable physical handicaps. In 2006, thanks to an NGO, she travelled to Barcelona for surgery and today she is studying social cooperation and is involved in a range of activities aiming to make known the culture of Afghanistan and the situation of women in the country. In order to describe her experiences, Nadia made a television documentary and has written several books, as well as a documentary show, Nadia which, performed by the theatre troupe La Conquesta del Pol Sud (The Conquest of the South Pole), will open this year’s RBLS Young People’s Theatre Festival in Barcelona. In this session for secondary school students, Nadia will tell her story, talk about what it means to be a refugee and about how dialogue between cultures is possible in present-day society.

Participants: Nadia Ghulam

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