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Talks for secondary students

A morning with Marta Peirano

Citizen Resistance and Climate Change


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What then can we do? This is surely the question that is repeated the most when faced with evidence of environmental disaster. Despite the certainty that the situation is more critical than it has ever been, our ability to react has become increasingly limited. Why then have we given in to pessimism and passivity? Can we really use our actions to revert catastrophe?

Journalist and researcher Marta Peirano, who is specialised in analysing the relationships between power and technology, states that it is indeed possible, pointing to examples of citizen resistance against what she terms “climate feudalism”, demonstrating that there is an alternative path to collapse. In her most recent publication, Contra el futuro. Resistencia ciudadana contra el feudalismo climático (Debate, 2022), she argues that the solution to climate change will not come with the discovery of any sort of technology, appearing miraculously just before doom, but in coordinated action and the raising of collective awareness. Only this will enable us to take on the future with hope.

Moderators: Sergi Picazo

Participants: Marta Peirano

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