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Josep Ramoneda

Journalist, philosopher and writer

Journalist, philosopher and writer. He is editor-in-chief of La Maleta de Portbou, a review of the humanities and the economy, besides being director of the European School of Humanities, two projects which aim to think about the future by considering the technological, cultural, social and geopolitical ruptures of today. He is a regular columnist in newspapers like El País and ARA and works with the radio station Cadena Ser, as well as being president of the publishing conglomerate Grup 62. He has published many essays over the years, among them Apologia del present. Assaigs de fi de segle (Apology for the Present: Essays for the End of the Century, Edicions 62, 1989), Después de la pasión política (After the Political Passion, Taurus, 1999), Contra la indiferencia. Apología de la Ilustración (Against Indifference: Apology for the Enlightenment, Galaxia Gutenberg, 2010), and La izquierda necesaria (The Necessary Left, RBA Libros, 2012). He was director of the Centre of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona (CCCB) from 1989 until 2011, president of the Institut de la Recherche et de l’Innovation (IRI) in Paris (2009-2014), director of the Institute of Humanities (1986-1989), a columnist for the daily La Vanguardia (1980-1996), and a lecturer in Contemporary Philosophy at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (1975-1990). He was awarded the 2012 City of Barcelona Prize for International Projection and the 2013 National Prize for Culture of the Generalitat (Government) of Catalonia.

Update: 3 July 2020


A World History of Catalonia

Panel discussion with Borja de Riquer, Josep Ramoneda, Joaquim Albareda, Miquel Molist, Isabel Rodà and Josep M. Salrach



Centre Documentació i Debat



Art i ciutat al segle XXI / Art and City in the 21st Century

Breaking the Wall

The Social Responsibility of Palestinian and Israeli Academics and Intellectuals at Times of Violent Conflict: An Introspective Search

Margaret Michaelis

Fotografia, avantguarda i política a la Barcelona de la República / Fotografía, vanguardia y política en la Barcelona de la República / Photography, avantgarde and politics in the Barcelona of the Republic

Has participated in

Lives of a free man

Semprún Centenary

Lecture by Patrick Boucheron

An uncertain idea of Europe

A World History of Catalonia

Panel discussion with Borja de Riquer, Josep Ramoneda, Joaquim Albareda, Miquel Molist, Isabel Rodà and Josep M. Salrach

Against Digital Saturation

With Roberto Casati, Jordi Puntí and Sílvia Soler

Literature in the Age of the Internet

With Luciana Castellina, Sergi Pàmies and Imma Monsó

The Power of Culture

Lecture by Josep Ramoneda

La Maleta de Portbou

Magazine presentation

20th Anniversary of the Olympic Games

The Impact of the Games, 20 Years on: Barcelona, an International Referent of Change and Urban Transformation

The banalisation of the word

Lecture by Lluis Duch

I+C+i #6. Digital Humanities

The Democratic Imaginary in the Era of Globalization

XXIII Conference of the Academy of Latinity

Europe, final crisis?

Lecture by Étienne Balibar

The economy

Lecture by Antón Costas

If it wasn't for crisis we'd still be bacteria

Lecture by Jorge Wagensberg

Love, reason, irony

Lecture by Eva Illouz

Political language

Lecture by Claudio Lomnitz


Lecture by Avishai Margalit


Lecture by François Jullien

Gender equality

Lecture by Gosta-Esping Andersen

Territory, Authority, Rights

Lecture by Saskia Sassen

Crises and Fables

Opening Lecture by Soledad Puértolas

Round table: “The City to Come: Futures in Question”

To mark the presentation of the catalogue of the exhibition “Local, local!”

The Future of Chance

Lecture by Antonio Tabucchi

The Future of the Soul

Lecture by Eva Illouz

Living with Diversity

For a Politics of Hope in Europe

The Fragile Future of Utopias

Lecture by Francisco Jarauta

The Future of Democracy and the Imagination

Lecture by Azar Nafisi

The Future of the Family

Lecture by Anna Cabré

The Future of Biomedicine

Lecture by Jordi Camí

The Future of Islam

Lecture by Faisal Devji

The Future of Work

Lecture by Sidi Mohammed Barkat

The Future of the Museum and of the Novel

Opening Lecture by Orhan Pamuk

1989. Europe, Twenty Years on from the Fall of the Wall

Ulysses and Modernity

Lecture by Claudio Magris

Crisis Culture

Immigration: social and cultural capital

Cuba and its futures

A New World Ethic in Today's Political and Economic Crisis

Lecture by Hans Küng

Presentation of the book Malas Noticias

The Media and Criminal Politics and Safeguards in Spain


Lecture by Axel Honneth

Racial Impurity: a Blocked Dream

Lecture by Ash Amin

At the Gateway to Europe

The Religious Ambiguity of Purity

Lecture by Lluís Duch

Climate Change and the Human Condition: On Some Limits to Human History?

Lecture by Dipesh Chakrabarty

Social Identity and Personal Identity

Opening Lecture by Clément Rosset

The Dilemmas of Tibet

Targeted Publics:

Arts and Technologies of the Security City

The Word

Lecture by Ivan Klíma

The Metamorphoses of Communism


Lecture by Jordi Llovet

Madness and Reason

Lecture by Remo Bodei

Vulnerability, Survivability

Lecture by Judith Butler


Lecture by Chantal Maillard

The Meaning of Life

Lecture by Terry Eagleton

Utopías e ilusiones naturales

The Meaning of Waiting

Lecture by Enrique Vila-Matas


Opening Lecture by Michela Marzano

Urban peripheries

Debates at the CCCB

The mediterranean:

Myth and reality


Barcelona – Krakow

Changing Visions – Visions of Change

Ethics without Theodicy

Lecture by Javier Muguerza

Chechnya, the silenced conflict

Tribute to Anna Politovskaya

Technology, Progress and the Human Impact on the Earth

Lecture by John Gray

The Future of Religion

Lecture by Gianni Vattimo

Values and the Life Project in Modernity

Lecture by Carlos Castilla del Pino

Metamorphoses of God and the Sacred

Lecture by Frédéric Lenoir

The Humanist Ideal in the Era of the Genome and Artificial Intelligence

Lecture by Víctor Gómez Pin

The legacy of Hannah Arendt

Global Lies, Local Violence

The World after 9/11

Theologies of power

Religion and Politics in Contemporary Europe

Translating the world from Africa

Urban cracks

Segregation and Counterculture in Brazil

In praise of hospitality

Notes on the future of Europe

Forms and conflicts of multiculturalism

Artisans of the Beauty of Life Itself

Lecture by Ángel Gabilondo

The Good Life

Lecture by Pascal Bruckner

Flesh and Machines: Artificial Intelligence

Lecture by Rodney A. Brooks


High tension in Tehran

Humanitarianism, a Politics of Life?

Lecture by Rony Brauman

What is Life?

Lecture by Lynn Margulis

Humans: Technological Primates

Lecture by Eudald Carbonell

Complexity versus Uncertainty, or the Question of Persevering as Uncertainty Increases

Opening Lecture by Jorge Wagensberg

Bringing down the wall II

Societies in Asymmetric Conflict: The Impact of Occupation on the Palestinian and Israeli Identities

Archipelago of exception

Sovereignties of extraterritoriality


Civil pleasures, civil wars

Beirut: civil pleasures, civil wars


Lecture by Luc Ferry


Lecture by Josep Ramoneda


Lecture by Soheib Bencheikh


Lecture by Josep Maria Terricabras


Lecture by André Comte-Sponville


Lecture by Harvie Ferguson


Lecture by José Luis Pardo

The Self and the World: What Basis for a Cosmopolitan Public Sphere?

Opening Lecture by Craig Calhoun

Urban traumas

Cities and disasters

At war

Breaking the wall

The Social Responsibility of Palestinian and Israeli Academics and Intellectuals at Times of Violent

New Borders and Universal Values

Lecture by Zygmunt Bauman

From Frontlines to Borders in Europe and Around

Lecture by Michel Foucher

Crisis of Politics, Crisis of Democracy?

East-West: the Imaginary Fracture

Lecture by Georges Corm

The Concept of Border

Lecture by Manuel Cruz

The Borders of Europe

Opening Lecture by Tzvetan Todorov

(In)visibles cities

Spaces of risk, spaces of citizenship

New African Cities

Between construction and destruction. What Role for Contemporary Artistic Creation?

Art and Power in the Urban Space. Reflections on the Case of Barcelona

Debate with Jean Louis Cohen, Enric Miralles, Joan Clos and Josep Ramoneda


Art and City in the 21st Century

The cultures of work