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Bringing down the wall II

Societies in Asymmetric Conflict: The Impact of Occupation on the Palestinian and Israeli Identities



Year two of Bringing Down the Wall sets out to analyse the new political situation produced in the Middle East by the results of the Palestinian elections. The aim of the conference is to constitute a space for debate between Palestinian and Israeli intellectuals with a view to finding ways of ending conflict in the Middle East. This seminar, which will comprise two days of closed sessions, also includes a public presentation of the conclusions on the evening of Monday 13 February.


Friday, 10 February


Welcome by Pere Vilanova, Professor of Political Science at the Universitat de Barcelona, and Josep Ramoneda, Director of the CCCB.

10.15-12.00h. «Political Reality at the Wake of the Palestinian Election»
Open discussion amongst all participants.

12.00h-14.00h. «The Land of Checkpoints»
Said Zeedani
: "Singularity of the Palestinian / Israeli Conflict"
Yael Berda: "The bureacracy of the occupation: time, space and body"


16.00h-20.00h. «The Israel - Palestinian Conflict: The Politics of Misrecognition»
Nathmi Al-Juaba
: "The conflict over Palestinian cultural heritage: Palestinian vision"
Haggai Ram: "Setting the historical record straight: Iran and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict"
Ichai Menuchin: "Politics of misrecognition"
Mohammed Dajani: "Competing narratives"
Yaacov Yadgar: "The image of the Arab' in Israeli Press: How to justify the occupation"

Saturday, 11 February

10.00h-12.00h. «The Occupation: Economic perspectives»
Fadia Daibes-Murad: "Conflict over natural resources"
Yossi Dahan: "Welfare and occupation"

12.00h-14.00h. «The Demography of Occupation»
Sari Hanafi
: "Specio- cide and bio-politics: Israeli project from 1947 to the wall"
Yossi Yonah, lecturer in Political Philosophy at Ben Gurion University in the Negev: "The politics of demography: war by other means"
Basem Ra'ad: "Appropriation complexes: Specific aplications in the colonization of Palestine"


16.00h-18.00h. «Caught in Between»
Walid Salem: "Internallization and rejection of occupation: Palestinian Jerusalemites adaptation with occupation"
Shifra Kisch: "Arab-al-Naqab and Assigned Ethnicity: The politics of Normadic imagery after 1967"
Adel Manna: "Reflections on occupiers, occupied and the in-betweens: the case of the Palestinian citizens of Israel"

18.00h-20.00h. «The Occupation and the Attendant Regimes of Denial»
Yehouda Shenhav
: "Israeli sociologists and the Israeli occupation in the West Bank and Gaza"
Edy Kaufam: "The effect of occupation on the Jewish Israeli society"

Monday, 13 February

19.30-21.00h. Public Debate

With the participation of:
Said Zeedani, Professor of Philosophy, Assistant to President for Academic Affairs - AlQuds University. Former director of the Palestinian Independent Commission for Citizens' Rights, Ramallah.
Yossi Yonah, Professor of Political Philosophy and Philosophy of Education, Ben Gurion University of the Negev.
José María Ferré, Spanish Consul in Jerusalem.

Chair: Pere Vilanova, Professor of Political Science at the Universitat de Barcelona.

Moderators: Pere Vilanova

Participants: Said Zeedani, Yossi Yonah, José María Ferré, Yael Berda, Nathmi Al-Juaba, Haggai Ram, Ishai Menuchin, Mohammed S. Dajani, Yaacov Yadgar, Fadia Daibes-Murad, Yossi Dahan, Sari Hanafi, Basem Ra'ad, Walid Salem, Shifra Kisch, Adel Manna, Yehouda Shenhav, Edy Kaufman, Josep Ramoneda

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