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Local, local!

Round table: “The City to Come: Futures in Question”

To mark the presentation of the catalogue of the exhibition “Local, local!”



The Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona and the Diputació de Barcelona present the catalogue of the exhibition “Local, local! The City to Come”, a diagnosis of how our cities have changed in the last 30 years, and a look at the city of the future. The presentation will be made by Antoni Fogué, president of the Diputació de Barcelona, and Josep Ramoneda, director of the CCCB.

It will be followed by a round table entitled “The City to Come: Futures in Question”, moderated by Josep Ramoneda and with the participation of Francesc Muñoz, lecturer in Geography at the UAB and exhibition curator; Alfons Cornella, founder and executive director of and Ferran Mascarell, chief executive of RBA Audiovisual.



Moderators: Josep Ramoneda

Participants: Francesc Muñoz, Ferran Mascarell, Alfons Cornella

This activity is part of Local, local!

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