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Margaret Michaelis

Fotografia, avantguarda i política a la Barcelona de la República / Fotografía, vanguardia y política en la Barcelona de la República / Photography, avantgarde and politics in the Barcelona of the Republic


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This exhibition aimed to present the work of this Austrian photographer during her time in Barcelona (1932-1937) in the historical context of the European avant-garde, with particular attention to her insights into the life of the Barri Xino district, her collaboration with the GATCPAC and her reportage work for the Propaganda Commission of the Generalitat de Catalunya (Catalan Government) on the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War.

Authors: Juan Manuel Bonet, Josep Ramoneda, Jordana Mendelson, , Helen Ennis, Margaret Michaelis

Publication year: 1999

Pages: 176

Dimensions: 24 × 26 cm.

Images in B/W: 170

978-84-482-1926-0 (català / english)
978-84-482-1926-0 (castellano / english, agotado / sold out)


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