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Your money or your life

Soy cámara online

Screenplay and realization: Andrés Hispano, Félix Pérez Hita

Editing: Félix Pérez Hita

Language: Catalan, Spanish, English

Subtitles: Catalan, Spanish

Duration: 30 min.


In this episode, SOY CÁMARA presents the uncertain panorama surrounding us, triggered by the economic crisis but also by the inability to deal with it of a political structure inherited from the cold war. LA BOLSA O LA VIDA is a programme with more questions than answers, but also with more constructive than pessimistic voices, and with more humour than bitterness. This episode includes the opinions of Josep Ramoneda, Michela Marzano, Jeremy Rifkin, Beatriz García, Javier de la Cueva, Raúl Michinela and Miguel Morey.

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8 June 2018