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Jordi Balló

Lecturer in audiovisual communication at the Pompeu Fabra University. Head of Exhibitions at the CCCB, from 1999 until 2011

Jordi Balló is the author of several books, including La llavor immortal (The Immortal Seed, Empúries, Anagrama, 1995), Imatges del silenci (Images of Silence, Anagrama, 2000) and Jo ja he estat aquí (I’ve Already Been Here, Anagrama, 2005 – winner of the 2006 Serra d’Or Critics Prize), El món, un escenari. Shakespeare, el guionista invisible (The World’s a Stage: Shakespeare, the Invisible Scriptwriter, Anagrama, 2015)—all three titles co-authored with Xavier Pérez—and La imatge incessant (The Incessant Image, Anagrama, 2024)—co-authored with Mercè Oliva—. He is director of the master’s degree course in Creative Documentary at the Pompeu Fabra University where he has been worked with films like Mones com la Becky (Apes Like Becky), De nens (About Children), and Veinte años no es nada (Twenty Years Is Nothing), all three directed by Joaquim Jordà; En construcción (In Construction) by José Luis Guerin; Cravan vs Cravan by Isaki Lacuesta; El cielo gira (The Sky Turns) by Mercedes Alvarez, and La plaga (The Plague) by Neus Ballús . He received the 2005 National Culture Prize (Film Category) awarded by the Generalitat (Government) of 2011 Catalonia and the City of Barcelona Award for his work as the curator of the Exhibition Todas las cartas (The Complete Letters).

Update: 12 April 2024



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