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Prison and Political Freedoms

Screening of «El sopar (1974-2018)» by Pere Portabella and discussion of the figure of the political prisoner

Debate + Audiovisuals

On 2 March 1974, the day Salvador Puig Antich was executed, Pere Portabella clandestinely shot his film El sopar (The Dinner) in which five long-term political prisoners described their experiences of incarceration. In 2018, following several conversations with Jordi Balló, Portabella added to the film a hitherto unpublished interview carried out on 13 November 1974 with Oriol Arau, Puig Antich’s lawyer.

With this updating of his film, Portabella has shifted his focus on the past to illuminate a present which, in terms of rights and freedoms, is also disturbing. The CCCB recovers this classic of Catalan political cinema to reflect on an issue of the utmost relevance in Catalonia today, namely the figure of the political prisoner.

6.30 p.m. Screening of El sopar (1974-2018), by Pere Portabella

7.30 p.m. Discussion with Jordi Balló, Txell Bonet, Pablo Mayoral, and Pere Portabella, conducted by Toni Vall

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Prison and Political Freedoms

Discussion of the figure of the political prisoner

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