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Thinking differently. Life on the fringes: against cultural homogeneity

Debate with Jordi Balló, Javier Pérez Andújar and Julià de Jòdar

Speakers: Jordi Balló, Javier Pérez Andújar i Julià de Jòdar. Presented by Ingrid Guardiola

More than anything else, Pasolini is a heterodox thinker. His concern is the process of material and spiritual homogenisation in post-war Europe as fruit of the expansion of consumer capitalism and the mass media. In this context, he reflects on the eradication of differences in lifestyles and cultural substrata while simultaneously criticising the tendency to uniformity in the life plans of a new middle class which is limited to the same ever more dehumanising horizons. Faced with this new social reality, Pasolini denounces the violence and totalitarianism inherent to capitalism, shuns standard, socially acceptable thinking and seeks to lay bare the contradictions and hazards of this new way of life.

The CCCB presents these debates as part of the “Pasolini-Roma” exhibition with a view to considering our world through Pasolini’s works and raising the question of how a transgressive critique of mainstream culture might be possible today.

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25 June 2013