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Barcelona Madrid 1898-1998

Sintonies i distàncies


Catalan 27,05 € Buy
Catalan 27,05€ Buy

A look back at 100 years of cultural and artistic relations between the two cities. Madrid and Barcelona have both become landmark cities that extend their influence beyond their territorial boundaries, have a meaning on the symbolic terrain and are recognised around the world as having their own personality and characteristic traits after strengthening their status as capital cities in the international sphere through quite different ways and means.

The catalogue presents information and elements of analysis to encourage individual and joint reflection on the unquestionable cultural capitals of twentieth-century Spain.

Authors: José Corredor-Matheos, Antoni Martí, Dolores Saiz, Josep Maria Cadena, David Albet, Laura Mercader, Martí Peran, Jordi Balló, Carlos Sambricio, Ernest Lluch, Vicente Cacho, Xavier Bru de Sala, Javier Tusell, Jordi Casassas, Ferran Mascarell, Albert Manent, Cristian Cirici, José Carlos Mainer, Santos Julià

Publication year: 1997

Pages: 256

Dimensions: 24 × 24 cm.

Images in B/W and colour: 160

84-88811-26-8 (català)
978-84-88811-27-1 (castellano)


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