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Erice - Kiarostami. Correspondences


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The catalogue is a review of the cinematographic careers of filmmakers Víctor Erice and Abbas Kiarostami, analysing the correspondences that unite them and reflecting on their bodies of work by means of the materials, many previously unexhibited, that constitute the catalogue.

Authors: Charles Tesson, Jean-Philippe Tessé, José Saborit, Dominique Païni, Miguel Marías, Gonzalo de Lucas, Victor Erice, Alberto Elena, Alain Bergala, Núria Aidelman, Jordi Balló

Publication year: 2006

Pages: 160

Dimensions: 17 × 24 cm.

Images in B/W and colour: 200

978-84–9803-104-1 (català)
978-84–9803-105-2 (castellano)
978-84–96540-24-8 (english)
978-2-84426-340-7 (français: Éditions du Centre Pompidou, 2007)

CCCB, Institut d’Edicions de la Diputació de Barcelona, La Casa Encendida

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