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Hammershøi i Dreyer / Hammershøi y Dreyer / Hammershøi and Dreyer


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This exhibition brings together for the first time the bodies of work of two of the most important Danish artists of all time: the painter Vilhelm Hammershøi and the filmmaker Carl Th. Dreyer. While respecting the expressive autonomy of the two creators, it sets out to highlight the strong visual and creative relations between the two, and to analyse their methods, their intimate understanding of art and their aesthetic similarities.

Authors: Jordi Balló, Anne-Birgitte Fonsmark, Annette Rosenvold Hvidt, Casper Tybjerg

Publication year: 2007

Pages: 160

Dimensions: 17 × 24 cm.

Images in B/W and colour: 125

978-84-9803-138-6 (català / castellano / english)

CCCB, Institut d’Edicions de la Diputació de Barcelona

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