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TV world. Television culture

"TV World" is about the way in which television works on reality; of the staginess of everything which appears on television, even live programmes; of the surprise event as the revenge of reality upon the built-in reducing and simplifying inertia of television; and of the interplay of signals and references between television and other forms of expression of this era, particularly film and video.

There isn’t a single way of making television, or a single way of viewing it. This is one of the conclusions which TV World seeks to highlight. Television’s tendency to fake reality, to manipulate opinion, to blur conflict, to trivialise ideas and references, to demobilise societies, and, therefore, to facilitate the work of those in power, doesn’t detract from the fact that large quantities of information circulate through television, and that television has made it possible to recognise the problems of countries which didn’t previously exist, or that it has contributed to wresting the monopoly of the word from the hands of priests, religious people and the military. We only have to compare societies before and after television to see that, only from a melancholic point of view (and from a certain haughtiness which intellectualism finds it hard to shake off) can it be thought that life was better without television. I don’t like Benidorm either, but thanks to Benidorm seaside holidays are no longer the privilege of the few. Something similar is happening with television. And, what is more, from time to time, we come across good programmes. Programmes we didn’t even know existed. 

Curators: Jordi Balló

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