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Primera Persona, last edition


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Cicatrius / Cicatrices / Scars is a digital publication that closes the cycle of the Primera Persona festival, held at the CCCB over nine years (2012-2021). And it does so with a set of very first-person stories, a collection of multifaceted and multigenerational local talent gathered around a single concept, that of scars, with a unique look and experience, as has always been a tradition in this house. Texts, comics, songs and also a video are part of this project.

Texts, comics, songs and also a video are part of this multidisciplinary project.

Authors: Kiko Amat, Miqui Otero, Anna Pacheco, Lluís Cabot, Clara Viñals, Maria Climent, Carlos Pardo, Aroha Travé, L'Hereu Escampa, Rocío Quillahuaman, Silvia Cruz Lapeña, Hijos del Trueno, Antonio Luque, Juarma, Valentín Roma, Olga Merino, Eduardo Chirinos, Esther García Llovet, Miquel Adam, Stivijoes, David Caño, Carlo Pavia, ARIES

Publication year: 2021

Pages: 196

Dimensions: PDF × cm.

Images in B/W and colour: 50

PDF Edició en català
PDF Edición en castellano


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