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Hijos del Trueno

Hijos del Trueno grow out of Barcelona’s noise, like a blind giant octopus destroying the sail-shaped W Barcelona Hotel, the statue of Columbus and the Captaincy General building, while smiling, dancing and clapping its tentacles. Vicente Leone and Daniel Granados (former members of Tarántula along with Joe Crepúsculo) have now assembled a new popular dance orchestra. They bring with them a hoard of Mediterranean music accumulated through collective listening, like a massive shell that records the murmur and tides of a city that changes with the crashing of waves. Rumba-fiction, habaneras and dystopian visions to sketch the soundtrack of a city that floats by a sea. And they do so hand in hand with a wonderful crew of musicians: Pau Julià (bass, ex-Manos de Topo), Sara Fontán (violin), Guillem Caballero (keyboards, ex-Surfing Sirles), Pau Albà (percussion, member of Les Sueques), Cristian Pallejà (trumpet, ex-Nisei), and both members of Tarta Relena (vocals).



Has participated in

Primera Persona 2021

“Scars” special