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Antonio Luque

Composer and vocalist of Sr. Chinarro

He is the composer and vocalist of the group Sr. Chinarro, which was formed in 1990. The style is basically indie and its greatest influences are English groups like The Cure, Depeche Mode, Echo and the Bunnymen, and New Order. Although Sr. Chinarro is known as a group, the weight of the endeavour is on Antonio Luque's shoulders. The multiple reincarnations of the project, which might be considered a personal one, have gravitated around him. In fact, Antonio Luque is the only member of the group that has stayed with it over its more than fifteen years of existence.

The most attractive feature of the group is, without a doubt, the lyrics of the songs that have almost all been composed by Antonio Luque, who combines in them surrealism and folk-culture elements, with absurd metaphors, double meanings, wordplays and folksy images, which appear throughout his song-writing production.



Has participated in

BCNmp7. Pop can also be read