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Stivijoes is a product of the outskirts of Barcelona. And he’s so not only in space-time, but also in body, soul, prose and gestures. One’s roots rule, and as a good son of the Baix Llobregat area, without batting an eyelid he adheres to the rhythms and idioms of a strange era with which, for better or for worse, he was born to walk hand in hand. Making use of a thousand influences (even though Spotify labels him, rather imprecisely, as a hip-hop/rap artist) and inspired by countless experiences, he deciphers in a simple (but not plain) way certain moods and desires that go straight to the listener’s heart. His albums include Superfuturo (2019) and Welcome to Cursiland (2018). His most recent track is titled “Cómo sienta ser de hielo”.

Update: 13 April 2021



Has participated in

Primera Persona 2021

“Scars” special