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Esther García Llovet

Esther García Llovet was born in Malaga in 1963 and has been living in Madrid since 1970. She’s the most original and brief writer in the country (none of her books are more than 120 pages long). She studied Film Directing at TAI and Clinical Psychology at the Complutense University of Madrid. She’s published the novels Coda (2003), Submáquina (2009), Las crudas (2012), Mamut (2014), Cómo dejar de escribir (2018), Sánchez (2019) and Gordo de feria (2021), and has written articles for Jot Down and El País Semanal, among many other publications. She’s currently preparing to direct her first documentary film.

Update: 13 April 2021



Has participated in

Primera Persona 2021

“Scars” special