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Miquel Missé

Miquel Missé Sánchez (Barcelona, 1986) is a Barcelona-based sociologist and trans activist who has worked with several collectives of trans struggle including Guerrilla Travolaka and TransBlock, as well as promoting the international campaign Stop Trans Pathologization 2012 and, since 2008, publicising the Espai Trans (Trans Space) in Barcelona. Missé Sánchez is joint editor, with Gerard Coll-Planas, of the book El género desordenado: críticas en torno al patologización de la transexualidad (Unruly Gender: A Critique of the Pathologisation of Transsexuality, EGALES: 2010), and is author of Transexualidades, Otras miradas posibles (Transsexualities: Other Possible Perspectives, EGALES: 2013), as well as recently co-editing, with Pol Galofre, Políticas trans. Una antología de textos desde los estudios trans norteamericanos (Trans Politics: An Anthology of Texts from American Trans Studies, EGALES: 2015). Very soon will be published his next book, A la conquista del cuerpo equivocado (Conquering the Wrong Body, EGALES: 2018).

Update: 1 October 2018


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