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Conversation and reading to tie in with the book "Journey to Mars"

Scene + Education

Free with pre-booking

Artists, activists and young migrants share experiences and reflections on travel and displacement. An afternoon of conversation, poetry and music in the context of the publication "Journey to Mars. A Collective Story for Another Possible World"

Who’s leaving? Who’s arriving? Going back, to where? Displacements are not just a metaphor: they are a reality and an event, everyday life for some, a place to which, paradoxically, we always come back. They are so many, and so different, that we can’t talk about them in the singular: simple or difficult, with someone waiting at the other end or alone, searching for rights, with no guarantee. They cry out for us to address them together, and to condemn them.

This is the aim of "Displacements", a meeting that brings together creators and young former ward-of-state migrants who have been part of the project that is now being turned into a book: Journey to Mars. A Collective Story for Another Possible World. It is their texts that are taken as the starting point for a conversation that will also be a reading to music that ultimately claims the right to movement of those who want to change their living conditions, and celebrates the opportunity to network in this other displacement that involves so much learning.

Miquel Missé, Blanca Haddad, Aya Zuidi and Mamadou Tafsir Diallo will be talking about all of this, with Laura Sangrà as moderator. Afterwards, various artists and activists will intervene briefly to share what the idea of displacement suggests to them: Daura Mangara with rap, Alaaddine Azzouzi with journalism, Andrés García Berrio with law, Hanan Midan and Safia El Aaddam with social media.

Finally, with her music, Ikram Bouloum will lead a reading in which various participants in the "Journey to Mars" project read excerpts from the book of the same name published by Edicions Poncianes: Youssef Ben Iazza, Manal Zardouk, Míriam Hatibi, Youssef Aboud, David Fernández, Youssef Amelal, Alpha Omar Diallo, Mohamed El-Qadiry, Blanca Llum Vidal, Omar Oudaay and Tanit Plana.

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