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Míriam Hatibi, Youssef Ben Iazza, Miquel Missé, Tanit Plana and Manal Zardouk

A word that is not. A word that is not yet. A word that is to come tomorrow. Always tomorrow. It’s in the joy of what we wish to share, in the imminent transmission of happiness, uncontrollable, in a heart that overflows with emotion and in a word that approaches the other to say: you, come here, come with me, let’s do this together. Let’s experience it now.

Text and voice: Míriam Hatibi, Youssef Ben Iazza, Miquel Missé and Manal Zardouk
Photography technicians: Manel Cano and Marina Giraldós
3D, editing and subtitling: Guillermo Enforma
Choreographer: Candela Capitán
Director and photography: Tanit Plana
Original version: Catalan and Spanish

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19 June 2021